RF Noise Monitoring System

The purpose of this system is to record radio noise interference signals on the 1-30Mhz HF band.
This system consists of several remote stations, running a Linux operating system either on a Raspberry Pi or on a laptop with an RTL dongle, recording HF noise at the moment.

IDCall signEnabledDate enabledLast Update RED = StaleStation Description
1ZR6AIC12018-01-08 23:07:092018-12-11 23:51:05This Station is using a 40m long wire about 6 to 9m above ground end fed.
17ZS6AKV12018-03-26 21:10:142018-03-26 21:10:14Under construction
18ZS6YZ12018-05-25 13:02:582018-12-11 23:51:28Raspberry Pi, RTL-SDR V3 Dongle, Loop Antenna
19ZS6RL12018-05-30 18:03:462018-12-11 15:35:11Raspberry Pi RTL-SDR V3 500 kHz to 1.7 GHz
20ZS6NMP12018-06-08 12:52:422018-11-06 23:50:23Raspberry Pi with SDR with 40m long wire
21ZS6WG12018-07-26 07:55:512018-07-26 07:55:51Under construction
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